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Meet Dr. Abdul-Rahman

Hi, I’m Dr. Rahman. I am a board certified OBGYN.

I received my MD from Yale School of Medicine and my MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of clinical settings which has increased my appreciation for and understanding the importance of optimizing women’s health both here and abroad.

My guiding principals:

- I believe in the "wonder of a woman"
- I celebrate the diversity among us
- I am committed to eliminating racial healthcare disparities

My goals include providing:

- Non-surgical options
- Nutritional recommendations for female pelvic, vaginal and sexual health issues
- Pertinent & factual information regarding female health issues

My current work includes being a

- Clinician
- Educator
- Speaker

I provide care for all women, all ages.
I specialize in female pelvic, vaginal and sexual health issues for middle aged female (40-64 yr).

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